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At age 12 my love for music began as i got into hip hop and r&b raised with mostly black ppl i got alot of exposure 2 the african american culture. Growing up without a father I blamed most of the mishaps and hardships on him and most of everything i did wrong or outta line was related 2 that. As i grew older i grew quiet and cold hearted, i lost many emotions due 2 a constant depression and sorrow at that time reasons that could not be explained it jus was a plauge of depression for many years, that was when i got into rock music cuz it related more to me and my feelings the lyrics jus reached out and grabbed me and i was hooked. I am very big on lyrics i believe the lyrics makes the song cuz the beat can be hot but if u got weak lyrics its a garbage track. I relate my life 2 song lyrics in all generes. I grew up in downtown maysville on wood street where i gained alot of street knowledge and gained many friends that are in the game, from them i learned the tricks of the trade and how 2 survive in the game. by age 14 i moved 2 upper maysville on the hill and then 2 washingtion. Where i kept gettin more and more involved in music , around that time i was introduced 2 psychopathic records by long time friend and family Frank Templeton. There i would 4ever become a juggalo i related to them cuz they were crazy mutha fuccaz who were white and didnt give a fucc jus like me. I started writing my own music at age 15 molding my style 2 psychopathic, then around 2001 i started rapping in a group "CPT" and soon began my own label "Assylum Records" soon after 2 yrs past and the label went under and the group slowly fell apart because of differences. I continued writing and doing my own thing and then was found my my duke boy family at a fright night show of 2002, i then joined the 14-K family and from there we would go to the top i did alot of promotion for them and became close friends and fam. Around that time i was joined with long time friend and ohio rap artist yung money, he made me the co owner of his label alibi entertainement and part of the well known local group the " Cadillac Boys" together we would take this group 2 the top with shows all over and gaining a fan base that could not be overlooked...We are now reformed as Urban Empire with a few member loses due to personal differences, now i have completley changed my style since i was introduced 2 haystak and the cwb movement when i 1st heard there material i knew i was hooked they are my heros and i am part of the CWB movement to get white ppl on the hip hop map and stop all t he racism on white rappers, i relate so much 2 haystak cuz me and him are down the same lane ( BIG ASS WHITE BOY) lol, NOw im on a whole nother level teamed with local legends DKY - 14-K and X-VI and along with UE with my CWB attitude im ready to strike on the rap game with ruthless agression, with the adopted name "deadly silence" im ready to make my mark on the game with my solo debut ep entitled " The Silence Is Over" Recently i have overcame a few tragic obstaciles in my life i lost my uncle of a heart attack at age 30 and my son was to be named after him Xander "Carl" Stanfield but 8 weeks into the pregnancy we lost him due to a freak accident the day after my grandmother (step dads mother) passed away, so i was kinda out but after much thought it gave me the power i need 2 succeed and move ahead and now im here 2 claim my name 2 fame and i wont stop until my points and veiws are heard by all !!!